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Queensland Fruit Fly Goulburn Murray Valley Grower Outlook October 2022

Current trap captures and population activity A total of 216 Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) were trapped in the Goulburn Murray Valley (GMV) regional trapping grid during the first half of October 2022. This compares with only 26 for August 2022 and 151 for September 2022. Now that spring has arrived and both daytime and night-time temperatures are rising more Qfly are likely to be trapped. Fruit fly numbers for October 2022 are similar to those trapped at the same times in 2021 but less than for 2020 (Table 1 and Fig. 1). Totals, so far, for the current season (1 July to 30 June) for 2022/23 are much lower than for the past two seasons. In fact, 2022/23 to date, is the lowest in Qfly numbers since the start of the GMV Regional Fruit Fly Project. Rain and cooler maximum temperatures have delayed the typical spring peak for trapped Qfly. This occurred in 2021, too and both instances are due to La Niña weather conditions.

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