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Agrifutures – Fruit Tech 2021

FGV will work with industry stakeholders and technology providers to shortlist horticultural specific technology with a proven track record. The workshop (Fruit Tech 2021) will be a chance for growers to see technology solutions in person, touch and feel the products, understand how they can be of benefit to their operations and ask questions. There will be the option of having a guest speaker who is an expert in the horticulture tech space to moderate and provide objective feedback on technology solutions.

There is an overwhelming amount of technology providers available to horticulture growers, not all of which is practical, efficient and the right choice. The idea of shortlisting only relevant, practical and successful technology to growers will mean their time will not be wasted with irrelevant technology that is not.

The informal setting of the workshop will allow providers to mingle and growers to ask questions in a way that utilises time poor growers. There will also be a chance for growers to talk to each other about what works and what does not.

FGV is extending an invitation to a limited number of technology businesses to showcase their products at Fruit Tech 2021.  The event will be held in Shepparton, and we plan to have 15-20 businesses exhibiting their products to up to 50 growers.  Fruit Tech 2021 will not charge a fee to either exhibitors or growers to be involved.

For companies that cannot attend Fruit Tech 2021 due to travel restrictions, FGV plans to also host an online component.  Online exhibitors will provide a slideshow, video or similar to give growers an understanding of what their product does.  FGV will make this presentation available to their members. 

 For more information please contact FGV's Business Development Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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