FGV Conference 16-17 August 2018

FGVL banner 2018 Conference

On 16 and 17 August 2018, Fruit Growers Victoria held their inaugural conference at the Eastbank Centre Shepparton. 

The Conference was a major event for the fruit growing industry and first of its kind for the area attracting over 200 delegates on the day.
The aim of the conference was to present growers with industry specific information, contacts and resources and to provide the opportunity for growers to network with other industry and academic professionals.

The Conference featured an array of notable guest speakers including:
• Angelica Cameron, IPM Tehcnologies
• Professor Dick Drew
• Dan Papacek, Bugs for Bugs
• Cameron Clifford, FMR
• Jamie McMaster, SLTEC
• Hannah James, Agrofresh
• Howard Hansen, Hansen Orchards
• Phil Turnbull, APAL
• Russell Fox, IK Caldwell
• Aimee McCutcheon/Dave Williams, Agriculture Victoria

Day 2 consisted of field day visits to GV Storage, Integrity Fruit and Turnbull Orchards which included displays and demonstrations from our sponsors on orchard.
Fruit Growers Victoria would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing sponsors and delegates for their continued support.


2018 conference photos

Conference reports are attached below