The Emerging Leaders Group Season Launch- 13/9/2018

The Emerging Leaders Group launched the season last Thursday night at the Peppermill in Shepparton.

Our first speaker of the night was Matthew Stewart from Campbells fertilisers who explained and advised the group on how to set a successful program for the dry year ahead.

Matthew has worked on a wide range of crops but this evening’s presentation was focused on horticulture.

Matthew was very encouraging to the group and suggested they tap into all the resources that are available and reach out to a skilled fertiliser agronomist for how best to plan ahead in this oncoming dry year. He also gave some simple technical information on how the tree interacts with both water and nutrients.

Questions and answers were very welcome and Matthew was able to provide some keys insights in regards to a dry season management and preventing a biennial stress response.

He suggested a four-step plan to achieve a good nutrient program and also some secrets on how to get the best out of any nutrient application and also soil management principals.

The Grower Services Manager, Michael Crisera presented next on behalf of Tony Kundert, who is now employed by Swarm Farm Robotics. We were walked through how to interpret pack out reports, which showed us how a bin is broken down and how to enhance the percentage of return to the grower and how best to select for optimum desirable yield and size in an average growing year.

Michael then explained that Tony is now employed by a company called Swarm Farm Robotics who provide information on how to implement the newer technologies.

Brendan White from 4UpSkilling was our last speaker of the night and presented on the Production Horticulture, Certificate 4 Horticulture course that will be running in the GV area over the year. Brendan has built the course with farmers and managers in mind and is very time friendly, covering all the key aspects in the apple and pear production industry from IPDM to Health and safety.

Brendan is available to present this in any area and is available on M: 0438 486 655 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lastly we welcomed five Melbourne Uni students who came along for the night, we were very pleased to see them and all are keen to move into production horticulture when they have completed their studies.

The next Emerging Leaders meeting is to be a breakfast meeting, hosted by MADEC, the date is yet to be confirmed. We hope to see you all there.

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