GV Emerging Leaders Group meeting

The Goulburn Valley Emerging Leaders group held an impromptu meeting last week at the McNab orchard in Ardmona.

Attendees were presented with information on new industry apps, PickApp and AgWorld.

PickApp was demonstrated by Roei Yaakobi, who outlined the benefits to growers in being able to track fruit quality. He outlined that PickApp would help raise the productivity and quality of fruit harvested by giving growers the ability to analyse statistical data.

Charles DeBorg demonstrated the AgWorld App. This program was originally written for broadacre farming but is now being utilised in the hort space. The program can be used with computer, iPad or iphone and whilst cutting down on double-entering of data the app can gives growers individualised maps, records and planning tools. Growers were advised that this program can be used as a spray diary for audit purposes.

Elizabeth Mace and Tony Filippi gave growers a clear outline regarding Fruit Fly in the Goulburn Valley, including a live demonstration by Elizabeth.

Emerging Leaders Group pic 1

Capably led by Mitch McNab, Bo Silverstein and Elizabeth Mace, this group is quickly gaining a reputation for enjoyable and informative events for growers in the Goulburn Valley. It is pleasing to see this group growing in numbers with each event.

Emerging Leaders Group pic 2

 Should you wish to take part in these events please contact Fruit Growers Victoria 0358 253 700.

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