Double award-winners in the global AgTech Breakthrough Awards, Hectre is the only company in the world to support growers and packers with both simple to use orchard management apps and mobile early fruit sizing apps, at speed and at scale.

Originating in New Zealand in 2016, Hectre now works with growers and packers around the world including Lenne’s Orchard, Fankhauser Apples, Rockit, Golden Bay Fruit, Washington Fruit & Produce, Borton Fruit, Sage Fruit, Monson Fruit and more.

Hectre’s Orchard Management App includes digital QC which helps growers to ensure QC activity is undertaken, identifies where picker performance is below required levels, and highlights pest and disease issues. The app makes paying piece rate easy and automatically calculates minimum wage top ups as well as integrating with payroll software. Waterproof bin tickets can be printed in the field to track the harvest and credit pickers accurately, and extensive reporting delivers valuable insights such as block and variety costings.

Hectre’s Early Fruit Sizing App Spectre has been showcased at APAL’s Orchard Tour and is used by mid and large sized growers and packers. Spectre Hand-held can be used in the field to size fruit from the very first pick, using just a standard iPad. Spectre Top Down detects and sizes fruit straight off the top of trucks as they arrive at receiving sites, sizing more than 5,000 pieces of fruit in one truck pass, massively increasing size samples.

Our team are friendly, responsive and are committed to supporting your success. To learn more about Hectre, jump on our website or contact our friendly team for a free consultation – we’d love to learn about your business.

Kevin Park – Head of Sales at Hectre

Phone/WhatsApp: +64 21 608 067

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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